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Computer Services

We?d like to be your IT support team for your home, home office or business needs. From troubleshooting a wide variety of problems to setting up your computer network, our broad range of services will fit your needs.

Some popular services include:
  • Set up your new computer(s).
  • Migrate data from old computer to new computer.
  • Create a website for you.
  • Set up wireless networking.
  • Virus, spyware and adware elimination.
  • Teaching: Internet, iTunes, Photos, etc.
Contact us by:
Phone: (410) 620-2328
Email: taylor@taylormadecomputers.net
Web: http://www.taylormadecomputers.net


TIP: Avoiding Spyware and Viruses

Avoiding spyware and viruses is a must for good computer health and a decent computing experience. With spyware and viruses, you?ll experience many problems ranging from simple annoyances (e.g. constant pop-up windows covering your desktop as you work) to destruction of or stealing important data.

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